About Brittany

Brittany Barton

About Brittany Barton

As a Life & Health Insurance Broker, I can shop Insurers across Canada to find the right plan for your lifestyle and goals.

I focus on living benefits for small business owners. This means I specialize in helping self-employed people protect their ability to make an income. This could be with disability insurance, health insurance, or business overhead expense insurance.

Having experienced the effect of a health crisis on a small business owner, I understand first-hand what you need to be prepared for.

Small businesses are incredibly important to our economy. And this isn’t the first I’ve owned! When I lived on the Mainland, I refinished and restored vintage and antique furniture.

Being somewhat new to the Island, my husband and I spend our time outside and exploring. If I’m not out, you’ll probably find me working on a project, watching Friends, or curled up with a good book and my cat, Soxx.