Can I Get Insurance If I Smoke Marijuana in Canada

We’re a few days away from what cannabis culture calls an “international counterculture holiday”. Where peaceful protests are held internationally every April 20th to smoke the herb and advocate for legalization. A year and a half ago, recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada. It’s had many people asking – can you get insurance if you smoke marijuana in Canada? Yes, you can.

First, cannabis smokers generally don’t get smoker’s rates anymore.

If you’re not familiar, smoker’s rates double your insurance bill (or more). So, this is a big one.

You can also smoke more often and still get insurance. If you use it more than 2-3x per week, you’ll be limited in what companies you can apply for and it may cost more.

One of the things we haven’t figured out as an industry is how to phrase the question.

Some applications ask how many “times per week” others ask about “joints per week”. The discrepancy comes into play when you have a low tolerance or are micro-dosing. A standard sized joint can be finished in one sitting for some people but would take 2-3 sittings for another. Your Advisor will be able to walk you through this when the time comes.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the marijuana use question on an insurance application, your advisor needs to know if it’s recreational or medicinal use.

If you want to know more about medicinal use, watch this video. And you may need to fill out a ‘drug questionnaire form’, or answer additional questions about usage.

It really is quite easy to get insurance if you smoke marijuana in Canada