Can I Get Insurance If I Use Marijuana Medicinally?

Can I get insurance if I use marijuana medicinally? Yes. The biggest concern will be about the condition you’re using it to treat. However, the more you use, the more your insurance may cost.

I thought this was an easy question until a medical marijuana company asked me to look into options for their patients. Legalization made some changes around insurance and medicinal marijuana and the industry is divided.

When you’re filling out an insurance application,  they’ll ask if you use marijuana in any capacity. The first thing the insurance company is trying to figure out is if it’s medical or recreational use.

They’ll be more concerned if it’s for medicinal use because of the underlying factor. But, in specific to the medicinal marijuana that you’re using, you’ll just have to fill out a Drug Questionnaire Form.

They’ll ask how many grams you use, your method of use – smoke, oils, edibles, etc. – and why you chose this method of treatment.

The insurance industry has changed in that regular marijuana users – or in any capacity, really – got smokers rates.

If you’re not familiar, people who get smoker’s rates on their insurance policy generally pay double what everyone else pays. Now, we’ve found a number of companies that may charge you extra for heavy use but won’t call you a smoker. The fact that marijuana users aren’t always getting classified as smokers is a big deal in the industry!

One of the things that haven’t been figured out yet is ‘times’ vs ‘joints’ per week.

When we say ‘times’ per week we’re asking literally, how many times you smoke/spray/etc. When we say ‘joints’ we’re talking about a standard size joint – the size of a cigarette.

It gets confusing because, if you’re not a heavy user or you’re only using a little bit at a time, it’s a hard question to answer.

Because of that, I always tell clients to be upfront with their agents and tell them from the beginning. Then, your agent can look into the companies that know marijuana is a medicine and will accommodate.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting insurance FOR medicinal marijuana, I don’t have great news.

Medical marijuana can’t be put under the ‘prescription drug’ section of your health plan because it doesn’t have a Drug Identification Number (DIN). I haven’t (yet!) found a health plan that offers coverage specifically for medical marijuana.

I did reach out to MSP to see if they had any plans to help and unfortunately they don’t have any plans to help anytime soon.

It’s not looking great today but we’re hoping to see more and more changes.

Remember, you’re in control of your financial future. It takes time and money to put in plans like this, but it’s worth it to know your family will be taken care of.