When Should You Get Life Insurance?

Have you ever had a genuine question for a sales person but didn’t ask to avoid the sales pitch? That’s what we’re addressing here. “When should you get life insurance” is a REALLY good question. One that more of us should ask.

I don’t believe that everyone needs life insurance. I DO believe that MOST people need it. Why? Dying is really expensive!

There are so many angles you can look at it from, but asking yourself these 4 questions is a great start to finding your answer. Ultimately, you should get life insurance if your passing means the ones you love would lose more than You.

After asking yourself the 4 questions to whether you should get life insurance, there’s a good chance you know you need it.

It’s pretty rare to be working and have responsibilities and NOT need Life Insurance – unless you have access to a lot of cash.

Life Insurance isn’t that expensive. Like everything else, you get what you pay for! If you want basic coverage in the rare chance you have to use it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

So, Here are the 4 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who depends on me and what will they need?
  2. How much debt do I have and who’s going to pay it?
  3. Do I know what my end-of-life tax bill will be? A Financial Planner can help with that.
  4. How much will a funeral and other misc. expenses cost?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who weren’t prepared to pass. 

It’s an incredibly difficult time for the family and friends who are left behind.

From the time they’ll need to take off of work, to going through your belongings, planning a funeral, and a lot of other transitions. Make sure that you have a Will and finances in place to make it easier on them. 

A Will gives direction, prevents some awkward conversations, and can give your loved ones a bit of peace of mind in their devastation.

Insurance can help finance the transitions they’ll go through. From covering expenses while they grieve, prevent financial stress in the future, funeral expenses, end of life taxes, and a lot more.

Your Will and plan is your final love letter ❤

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