Happy New Year!

A slightly nonsensical poem, written by A.I.
In a season of joy, with snow gently falling,
Let’s talk of planners, wise and enthralling.
Amidst the carols and holiday cheer,
They ponder on life, quite crystal clear.
In their heart, a plan, a thought so bright,
Life insurance, a gift, a beacon of light.
A shield for loved ones, a promise to keep,
Even when winter winds howl and sweep.
Planners, with foresight, looked to the future,
Financial planning, a path to nurture.
Like ornaments hung on a festive tree,
Investments and savings, a legacy to be.
As tinsel adorns the branches so fair,
Planners adorn their lives with prudent care.
In the glow of candles, warm and bright,
They secured their dreams in the winter night.
So here’s to planners, with wisdom in tow,
Guiding their loved ones through ice & snow.
May your holidays be merry and bright,
With a future secured, and hearts so light.