Money Management

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Protecting Your Money

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Money Planning

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For the Business Owners

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Money Management

How To Get (And Stay!) Out Of Debt

Here we covered some of the main questions that we get asked about money management.

3 Steps to Teach Your Kids to Save

Teach your kids healthy money habits and how to save using these 3 simple steps.

August 5 LIVE - Making the Most of "Extra" Money

We discussed investing during uncertainty, the magic of TFSAs, and managing debt right now.

How to Save Money Without Making More

How do you save money when struggling to make enough as it is? Here are a few ways you can save money without making more.

Making an Emergency Fund When You Don't Have the Money

There is one change you can make to build an emergency fund when you don’t have the money.

Managing Finances With A Variable Income

If you have wondered how to create paycheque stability, get ready for taxes, and be prepared for ‘lean’ months, this is for you!

Protecting Your Money

What is Disability Insurance?

There’s a type of insurance that’s painfully underrated. I’ve never understood why. It can save your life – or at least your lifestyle.

Buying Your First Life Insurance Policy

Here is the first thing you need to know when buying a life insurance policy.

The Basics of Critical Illness Insurance

Because these benefits are paid based on a diagnosis and NOT your ability to work, this policy might be a great fit!

Can Kids Get Critical Illness Insurance?

Yes! Guess why?

What Happens When You Apply For Life Insurance?

The Insurance process can seem intimidating when you’re not sure what to expect! From questions about your finances to personal health questions and tests. How does the process work?

Can I Get Insurance if I Smoke Marijuana in Canada

Since legalization, the insurance industry has changed its view on recreational marijuana. If you’re a regular toker, you need to watch this.

Money Planning

Preparing for a Financial Review

Watch the video and use our list to gather your financial information and prepare for a financial review with your Financial Planner or Money Coach.

The Value of Time & Money

Constantly feeling like there’s not enough time or money? Maybe it’s because you’re not recognizing the value of your choices.

How Much Does a Financial Planning Professional® Spend on her Wedding?

How much does a Financial Planning Professional® spend on her wedding? Not much. Here’s why.

Teaching Kids About Compounding Interest

This is the simple trick we’re using to teach our kids and make them money at the same time!

Conversations to Have Before Moving in Together

To make things as conflict-free as possible, have these conversations BEFORE you move in.

for the business owners

Health Insurance Options for Canadian Small Business Owners

Not sure where to start with your small business’s health insurance options? Start here.

What's the Benefit to a Health Spending Account?

They allow businesses to get coverage for their team’s biggest concerns, at a price they can afford.

How To Make Group Health Coverage More Affordable

Maybe your business is small, insurance is too costly, or your group’s needs are too diverse. This might help.

Business Overhead Expense Basics

Does your business know what to do if you aren’t able to work?

What If I Get Hurt at my Side Hustle?

You’re making a bit of extra money with a side job, but will you be covered if you get hurt?

Benefits Options for Business Owners in Canada

This is what Canadian Business Owners should know about protecting their income.