What is Disability Insurance?

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I was 9 years old when it happened. I remember my Aunt picking us up from school and saying that Dad wasn’t feeling well and we’d go home with her so Mom could take care of him.

It wasn’t until later that night, when we still hadn’t heard anything, that I started to worry. And it was when I was told I couldn’t see him until he felt a bit better that I realized something was really wrong.

Dad was in and out of intensive care for months and it took the Doctors about a year to stabilize him in the hospital. From there, it was another 6 months in a rehabilitation center for stroke victims…Downtown Vancouver. It was almost 2 years before he came home.

My Dad had had a massive stroke at 39 years old.

I’m bringing it up because, right away, we think of how scary something like that would be. And it was. But what made it really hard was Mom still having to work, while she drove the hour and a bit back and forth from the hospital and taking care of us kids.

We had an insurance plan that we thought would cover us, but it didn’t.

Yet, I still believe we all need an insurance plan. We just need to have better education around it.

Money wouldn’t have made my Dad’s stroke any less severe nor would it have brought him home sooner. But it would’ve made the situation easier to handle. It would have helped with the burden of planning childcare, it would’ve given us more resources to run my Dad’s business while he was recovering, and it would have given my Mom time off of work. Our family and friends were incredibly generous in how many ways they helped, but there’s only so much they can do.

This story has no request for sympathy but a huge plea to look into your own family emergency plan.

So, what is disability insurance? It’s a plan that pays you a percentage of your income while you recover from an accident or illness. Giving you the ability to keep paying your bills so you can focus on recovery.

There are so many options that could be available to you for your Family Emergency plan: From Government benefits, to tax benefits, Employee Benefits, and Personal Disability Insurance

Stats Canada says “Among working age adults, 28% of those with more severe disabilities were living below Canada’s official poverty line (based on the Market Basket Measure), compared with 14% of those with milder disabilities and 10% of those without disabilities.”

Regardless of your situation, please contact an insurance agent or broker to look over the options available to you. 

You won’t know how badly you need it until it’s too late.



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